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IndustriAll European Trade Union deplores the New Labour Code which is currently being passed by the Lithuanian Parliament. Historically, labour codes in Europe have been established with the aim of protecting workers, not harming them. Therefore, as a European trade union federation representing 7 million workers in the mining, energy and manufacturing industries, we fully support all actions by the Lithuanian unions to revoke all articles (22 out of the 260) which pose a major threat and which undermine workers’ rights in Lithuania (ie. Undetermined volume contracts, shorter annual leave, cuts in severance pay, extension of seniority for a pension, etc.)


We express our full support to the labour movement which started on 28th June in Kurdika Square, Vilnius, and to the ongoing campaign ‘No to slavery at work’. It is time to stop being indifferent and for the Lithuanian Parliament to wake up to the call of its workers, of its future generations and of the country as a whole. The New Labour Code must not only serve the interests of large capital and businesses. As it stands, the New Labour Code is harmful to all Lithuanian citizens who are involved in any kind of work relations. It will have a direct impact on the numbers of Lithuanian workers emigrating and will lead to younger workers, in particular, falling into more precarious employment conditions.

Troika’s solution - namely to put the burden on the shoulders of the workers - has caused increasing market instability and mistrust in Europe, and is threatening economic recovery. We are therefore counting on the members of the Lithuanian Parliament to reflect the voice of the people and to accept the amendments proposed by President Dalia Grybauskaitė on the vetoed provisions (22 articles out of the 260), for the sake of Lithuania and its people.

IndustriAll European Trade Union draws its strength from unity and in solidarity we will continue to address worker-related challenges.

Yours sincerely,
Luc Triangle
General Secretary IndustriAll European Trade Union



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